Thanksgiving Sides and Deserts for Sale

Please get your orders in if you need a dessert for Thanksgiving by Sunday November 24th.

Pies $15
Pumpkin, lemon meringue, chocolate meringue, buttermilk, coconut cream, pecan

Banana pudding 8×8 container $20

Mississippi mud cake 8×8 $20

8 inch cheesecake $35

Topping for cheese cake $5
Choices are – strawberry, praline, blueberry, cherry.


Cornbread dressing 8×8 $14
Gravy qt. $8
Brussel sprouts with bacon qt $10

Glazed carrots qt $ 6

Garlic mashed potatoes at $8

Cranberry relish 1/2 qt $4
W/ mandarins and pecans
Or W/ apples and walnuts

Deviled eggs w/ bacon
Dozen $14